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Five Essential Rules For A Healthy Dog

Dogs are perhaps some of the most adaptable animals in the world and they can certainly be found in virtually every habited area of the globe. Unlike their wild ancestors the wolves, dogs are uniquely capable of adjusting to wide range of living conditions from a high rise apartment to a rustic farmhouse and everything in between. However, no matter how well your dog is able to adjust they do need to have a healthy lifestyle. By following these five simple rules for dog care you can ensure your pet is happy, healthy and content.

Rule 1 – The Dog Is A Dog

Dogs are, by nature, pack animals and need to feel that they have a place within the family unit. Dogs that are happiest are those that trust their owners and understand that their owners are the leaders of the pack. Owners that are firm, loving and consistent with their pets provide this level of security for the dog, prevent them from becoming stressed, possessive and aggressive.

Rule 2 – Dogs Need Physical Exercise

While some breed require less physical activity per day all dogs need some level of routine exercise. This means being active in a structured way through play, routine walks or jogs or time outside in a secure, fenced yard. It is essential that all dogs have an opportunity to have at least 20 minutes twice a day of structured exercise, ideally outdoors, to ensure proper digestion of food, muscle toning and cardiovascular and respiratory health. Even dogs that are happy to be couch potatoes need to be exercised on a daily basis.

Rule 3 – Dogs Need Mental Stimulation And Companionship

Dogs need to have a job to do every day. That job can be as simple as accompanying you on a walk or fetching a ball or it can be as challenging as attending an obedience or agility training class. This activity or job has to include socialization with you as well as other people, dogs and animals. Dogs that don't have a job and don't get a chance to interact with other people and animals become stressed, aggressive and temperamental, leading to severe behavior problems over time.

Rule 4 – Dogs Need Balanced Nutrition

Domesticated animals such as dogs have to depend on their human counterparts for all their nutritional needs. Feeding dogs table scraps, poor quality food or foods that are made to feed people will not provide a healthy diet. Research shows that dogs need higher protein and fat levels with low carbohydrate levels to stay healthy. The amount of fat and protein is dependent on their actively level, age and size as well as their overall health. Feeding extra treats, human food or other goodies will only result in shortening your dog's overall lifespan, literally killing them with kindness.

Rule 5 – Dogs Need Routine Vet Visits

A healthy dog is one that is vaccinated, wormed, treated for fleas and heartworms as well as regularly examined by a vet. Usually this vet visit is an annual event but any sudden or gradual changes in the dog's energy level and overall health should be discussed with a vet familiar with your dog. Spaying and neutering dogs before they reach the age to reproduce is also important for a healthy pet. Early spaying and neutering reduces problem behaviors and can also prevent several serious health conditions from ever occurring.

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