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Alternative or Holistic Dog Care

The world of veterinarian medicine mimics the advance and changes within the human medical world. In both types of treatment and diagnosis, there has been a slow change in the acceptance of holistic or alternative methods. Veterinarian medicine is turning towards and often including various different and so-called natural forms of treatment. These range from acupuncture to herbalism. In many instances, the ancient, new age and conventional medical approaches combine to provide your pet with a complementary approach. This is a form of medicine called CAM – complementary and Alternative Medicine.

You can find many different approached to alternative healing. All have one thing in common – the aspiration to provide your animal with the best possible form of care. Veterinarian medicine in all its forms wants to keep your animal healthy. The methods are the only variation. Some focus purely on the physical needs while others include the psychological and emotional.

1. Botanical: These all involve some form of herbal or plant usage. They include Aromatherapy, Flower Essences (Bach Flower Treatment), Herbology and Homeopathy. What specific part of the plant or herb the practitioner utilizes depends upon the focus of the process and the nature of the botanical practice. Herbology utilizes herbs in active and passive ways. The pet might smell, digest or wear the desired herb.

2. Energy Work. This form of alternative healing bases its practice and principles on the existence of a life force or Chi. The practitioner bases the treatments on balancing the forces. By creating a harmonic balance, illness is banished.
Forms of energy work include Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki Therapeutic Touch, and Tellington TTouch. Massage is becoming more common among dog owners as they realize the benefits of this practice. It is helpful with dogs with joint problems. Some sporting animals receive massage before, in between and after their events.
In some instances, the practitioner may not even physically touch your pet. Reiki is a means of aligning and re-energizing the Chi without actually touching the animal. There are other forms of energy work.

3. Massage. People have long realized the benefit of therapeutic massage. It is applicable to animals. Some owners of sporting horses and dogs use it before and after an event. It is beneficial to aid sore muscles and joints. Massage can help with osteoarthritis. It is a boon in treating sore body parts for animals of all ages.

4. Diet. Some people subscribe to a diet or nutritional means of preventative care and management. The recent scare about pet food contaminated with melanomine has turned many owners towards natural pet food as a solution.
The various types of diet include pet food created from organic or natural ingredients. There are people who make their own dog food. There are special diets available at your Vet’s. There is also such diets as the BARF plan. BARF is short for Bones and Raw Food.

If you decide to go this route, check with your vet. Do your research and gather as many objective – and subjective, opinions as possible. Talk to friends.

Alternative methods of health care abound. Before you decide what forms to access, check with your Vet. Make sure your dog is going to have a positive experience. Ensure your pet will benefit. Although the judge is out on the effectiveness of many treatments, some may be effective in alleviating or managing your dog’s health issues. Alternative methods of treatment can be particularly valuable is used in conjunction with more traditional forms of medicine.

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