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Dog Health Food - The Best Food For Your Dog

All dog owners want the best food for their pet. But knowing which dog food is the best out of the massive variety that exists in the stores today is a challenge for anyone. Not only that, but you have many people probably telling you which food works best for their dogs. How on earth can you make the right choice of dog food that is best for your dog? Well it isn’t as hard as it might sound. It comes down to knowing the things to look for in a food. That’s all.

Meat based diets are the best types to put your dog on. So when you look for a dry dog food, you should try and find one which is based on meat. Also, you will want to steer clear of packets that mention chicken parts since these are usually just the feet or the beaks of the animal which contain little to no meat in them.

Look for foods which contain upwards of thirty percent protein and eighteen percent fat. It needs to contain some fish oil as well as beet pulp. These will help with digestion for your dog as well as helping him build up amino acids.

Water is also a primary part of any dogs diet. Your dog can become dehydrated easily so keep his water topped up.

Things to avoid
Corn or soybean and other grain based food should be avoided. Your dog doesn’t need that much grain and too much will cause the animal to quickly put on weight, but fail to give your dog any real nutrition.

And if you make the choice to steer completely clear of all grain diets, here are some products that you should consider getting:
Natural balance
Wellness Care
Taste of the Wild
Merrick B.G.

Dog Snacks and Treats
Beef bones can be a great way for your dog to maintain clean and healthy teeth while at the same time enjoying a tasty treat. Again these kind of treats should be meat based instead of grain based. You will also find dog biscuit’s a great treat for your dog that’ll work wonders in helping to train your dog.

If you like you like to give you dog leftovers from the table, this should be kept to a minimum and must also be of selective foods. Such things as onion should be avoided as a treat from the table as it can be dangerous for the dog. You should never give your dog chocolate. Even just a small portion isn’t good for the animal.

Finding the right food for your dog means looking through the contents on the products label. If it sounds unappealing to you, then it is likely not a healthy option for your dog. Remember, also, that a meat based diet will give you dog the proper nutrition he requires.

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