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Shopping From A Breeder-The Backyard Breeder

The other of breeder that offers puppies for sale is known as the “backyard breeder”. These people should never be confused with the “small professional breeder”. The backyard breeder can be viewed the “bad apple” in the box.

“Low-Priced Puppies, Only $50.00”

This manner of headline can be found all across every paper and small publication throughout the nation, each and every day. The puppies advertised are rarely, if ever, what they appear. Even if the dogs are from purebred parents, they are not good buys for they are usually the result of indiscriminate breeding. You can never be certain of what you are getting.

A Good Example Of The Typical Backyard Breeder Sale

Mrs. Collins had been gifted a Collie a few years back. Several people remarked on how pretty the dog was and, “If you ever breed her, I'll buy one of the puppies from you.” Then Mrs. Collins moved into a new area in which her neighbor also had a pet Collie. At a certain time of the year, both dogs developed a tremendous affection for one another. Dollar signs began to register in the minds of both owners.

2 months later, nine puppies had been born. Once the cuteness of the adoring newborns had disappeared, Mrs. Collins discovered that she and she alone, would have to assume the full brunt of this litter. She never added in the high costs involved in puppy shots, food, worming medications and other veterinarian fees. Now after about 8 weeks, all of the puppies are weaned and Mrs. Collins is stuck feeding the entire group.

All of the “I can't wait to buy a puppy from you” friends have mysteriously disappeared. Then one day Mrs. Collins notices that she is only allowed a specific number of dogs on the property, as stated in the apartment rules. Now she is faced with a dilemma: these purebred Collies must now be dumped!

Full of worms, and not having received shots against anything, Mrs. Collins is faced with three choices. She can pawn them off on some unsuspecting pet shop, take them to the animal shelter, or place an ad in the local paper and try to recoup some of her money.

So, this litter of a Collie puppy can end up in the Sunday paper. No one will know until it's too late that the puppies will have bad temperaments. Nobody checked the background (if in fact there had been any to begin with) to find out exactly what was behind the two Collies who had been mated.

I am using the term “mated” instead of “bred” because true breeding is an art that takes time, skill, and devotion to creating the healthiest puppies possible. Backyard breeders like Mrs. Collins have no clue as to what it takes to create a real purebred puppy. So beware of buying cheap pets from your local newspaper.

Therefore, if you are disgruntled over the high prices that professional breeders are asking for their puppies, remember that breeding and raising good dogs is not a cheap investment. Puppies must be given the best food available, including vitamins and mineral supplements. Veterinary fees are not cheap. The professional breeder knows all of these things. And all of these reasons are why buying a good puppy from a professional breeder is worth every dollar you spend.

Information written by Steve Reese of, check out our cool variety of ceramic dog bowls online. 

Content written by Katie Cheney of Oh My Dog Supplies, the top store to purchase dog ramps online. 

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