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How To Clean Dog's Dirty Ears

The ears of a canine differ from human ears considerably. The ears of a human person are straight while the ears of the canine are formed in the shape of an L. The canine is vulnerable in this area to bacterial infections and thus should be made clean on a weekly basis. Depending on the breed the canine's ears may be floppy and these types of ears are even more urgent to cleaning.

Dogs can be groomed by professionals if you don't have the time or the knowledge necessary. If the ears remain dirty for long period of time bacteria will set in and cause health issues which may develop into complications at a later time. There are groomers which make it possible to clean the canine's ears in between grooming sessions. We will cover the things which can be done and can't be done when cleaning the ears of a canine.

1. Water should not be poured directly into the dog's ears. Water will remain in the ear's canal and allow bacteria to multiply unchecked.

2. Only trained professional should use syringes.

3. Canine ear cleaning should be executed with care and the depth to which you should proceed with the cleaning should be minimal. It is not recommended to use cotton swabs for the cleaning process because the ears of the canine will become clogged.

4. Equipment

5. Ear powder

6. Ear cleaning solution

7. Cotton

8. Hemostat, used to hold the cotton swabs.

Take a look at the ears of your canine. Inspect the ears for signs of infection or other skin diseases before proceeding with the cleaning process. If there is a noticeable sign of infection you should notify your veterinarian to take the necessary action steps. Use the hemostat to clean the dog's ears from the hair before cleaning them. Hair also acts as an environment which encourages bacteria to thrive by blocking air from venting the ears.

a. The ear canal should be cleaned by pulling the canine's ear with a lot of care, upwards

b. The ears should later be cleaned with the aid of cleaning solution.

c. You can use your thumb and forefinger to massage the ear during the cleaning process for 30 seconds at a time until a squishing sound can be heard. That is the indicator that the canine's ears are clean.

d. The head of the canine should be tipped sideways when looking to clean his ears. While doing this you should look for debris that might be coming out of his ears.

e. Allow the canine to recover briefly after each cleaning session before proceeding.

f. Any item you use for cleaning the ears of your canine should not exceed a half inch in length. The ears can be made squeaky clean with the help of a cotton cloth, soft tissue or cleaning cloth when taking out the debris.

g. Allow 5 minutes each time after the cleaning process so that the canine's ears have enough time to vent. Once they have dried continue with applying some ear drying powder.

The best ear cleaning solution is one that contains almond oil. Begin by pouring a small amount of this ear cleaning solution into a glass. The glass should later be placed into warm water, without the actual water getting into the glass. The ear flap should be pulled back slightly while placing small bit of oil into the ear of your canine friend.

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