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Stop Dogs Barking

In some ways, I really love my puppy, but in some ways I can't really stand for. I sort of view my puppy the way I used to see my stuffed animals when I was a kid. She is soft, comforting, and sleeps in my bed with me. Although she is a little bit messier than my toy animals – she licks my face, and is still not completely housebroken yet – nonetheless, she provides the same feeling of comfort that I used to have with stuffed animals. If she didn't always make so much noise, she would be the perfect pet. I bought a no bark dog collar for her, but unfortunately it seems to do no good. She is a stubborn animal.

It is one of those humane anti bark collars. It is actually a citronella dog collar. Supposedly, dogs find the smell of citronella confusing and unpleasant enough that it will make them stop barking. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for Sadie. When she barks and the no bark dog collar squirts her in the face, she looks confused for a moment. It only lasts a moment, however, and then she starts barking louder than before. Every time the no bark dog collar squirts her, it only gets her more excited. After awhile, we have to actually take off the dog collar. By then, she has been doused in citronella, and the whole house smells of it.

It is getting to be such a problem that we have been researching other kinds of no bark dog collars. None of us really wants to hurt her – and many of them do hurt dogs – so we have stayed away from the less humane kinds up until now. Nonetheless, the barking has gotten out of hand. I have been thinking about and electronic no bark dog collar. Although they give the dogs a shock, they seem more humane to me than the ones that emit a high-pitched beep. These can really hurt a dog's ear, which is a very cruel thing to do. Personally, I would rather get an electric shock than have a loud bell go off in my ear every time I make a noise. I am sure that my dog feels the same way. Nevertheless, whatever no bark dog collar we get the dog, one thing is for sure: it better work. The neighbors are about at their wits end, and I am getting pretty close myself.


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