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Our Knowledge on Heating Period

Roughly around a female dog's 7th or 8th month from birth she will become ready for her first "heating cycle". But it is most desirable for one dog to become fully matured before you perform dog breeding. As the time you will give her after this period will be the time she will use to fully develop herself. Breeding her at this period will only burden her to form bodies out of her developing body. On larger breeds, however, you might wait up to 2 years before you can actually breed your dog.

Ten to twelve days during the heating cycle would be the ideal time for you to start dog breeding. Because there are no general guidelines as to when will be the best stage for you to start breeding, it would be best to track down the fist day you saw your dog released bloody discharge. It is equally important to take note of other details such as the dogs' temperament and attitude, the intensity of the discharge and the swelling in her vulva.

Note of this; mark the first day you saw her bleeding as day one. It may actually her fourth or fifth day though so it is a good option to begin breeding right away. Bring in her mate and start breeding. After all, you can determine if the female dog is ready enough by her own reaction.

This would be marked by her willingness to stand for the male. Regardless of how many days have passed since her real first day of discharge, the first sign of her readiness would be to crook her tail to one side of her body and stand in front or may even be at the back of the male. You can try breeding several times in a span of three days or so. That would assure you that something might crop up ultimately.

Another sign that dog breeding is ready is when her discharge appears to be tan from bloody red.

Even with science intervention, we still cannot determine the proper breeding time. For some who use the slide smear technique, which by the way a process that determines the lack of nuclei in the discharge, the method still do not give them absolute assurance that the time is ripe. The method can only determine of the heating period's approach. Anything from saying that the peak has gone or is coming would only be tentative statements. Again, the best way to know if breeding has reached its optimum is to join the stud and the bitch together, and let them tell us that they are ready. No more, no less.

Use your best judgment when deciding to bring them together. It would surely benefit you if you are 4 days earlier than the peak of the heating period rather than wait for another 6 months or so because you were six hours late.

The chance for pregnancy would increases with the frequency of mating created. When your attempts are successful, the process that must occur is first, the fertilization of the eggs. If the condition were favorable, the fertilized eggs would travel to the uterine wall to find a place to reside. This period of attachment is expected to last several days after the period of breeding. If for example, attachment did not occur, chances are the fertilized eggs will degenerate.

Almost a moth after your attempt to breed, the veterinarian may identify some swellings in the areas where puppies are located. The number of swellings would determine the number of possible puppies that the female dog will give birth. So start making lists of your potential buyers now! Approximately 63 days after the successful breeding would be the time for the puppies to come out to our world. However, for smaller breeds, gestation period may be a bit shorter.