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Know the Dog Breeds for Their Works

Dog buyers normally have a concrete idea of what dog breed to buy. Yet it must be understood that no single dog can fill all our expectations. They may either perform at a level we so desire but we have no assurance that the pet we buy (especially when bought as a puppy) will look in the same manner as we expected them to be when they mature.

Dogs were primarily bred to fill into categories that man thought would be beneficial for him. Dog breed characteristics often conform to the pattern that breeders intended them to be. Say for example those breeds that were bred to work, to guard or to herd. There are however, dogs that were created as companions, others as toys.

Each dog breed off course will perform all these tasks in differing manners since they have varying temperament, physical and mental attributes, and other underlying factors.

The following section of this article discusses how each breed performs the designation they were assigned to. It is, however, not according to the classifications provided by the AKC grouping.

Sporting dogs
They were bred primarily to assist man in hunting and retrieving the games. Because they were natural hunters, they have great tendencies for attentiveness and extreme obedience. They are equipped with superb stamina, which if not use, may lead to over activity at home. So it is important that they get proper and regular training to bring out their natural energy resources.

§ Flat Coated Retriever
§ Golden Retriever
§ Labrador Retriever
§ German Shorthair
§ Brittany
§ English Setter
§ Standard Poodle
§ Irish Setter
§ Rhodesian Ridgeback

Herding Dogs
Marked by their independence and obedience, this breed covers fine dogs that are energetic and those that has the capacity to control other animal species. They have some streaks of independence though and may often cause irritation to humans who cannot understand why they behave as they do (destructiveness, child chasing and nipping).

§ Australian Cattle Dog
§ Australian Shepherd
§ Bearded Collie
§ Border Collie
§ Collie
§ German Shepherd Dog
§ Shetland Sheepdog

This breed in general, covers species that have the capacity to think and work independently and are usually categorized in the working breed. They are good in protecting properties and owners (especially children), rescue operations, herd protection, and sled and cart pulling. Because they are naturally intelligent, they need to be constantly fed with interesting and rigorous activities that will help condition their spirits properly. However, aggression between dogs of this type and their relation to other dog breed often cause harm.

§ Akita
§ American Eskimo dog
§ Boxer
§ Briard
§ Doberman
§ Chow
§ Alaskan Malamute
§ Newfoundland
§ Rottweiler
§ St. Bernard

Toy Dogs
Toy dogs, though the term "toy" is often subject to confusion, they still make great lap and companion dogs. Perfect for city dwellers, toy dogs provide humans only one thing -sheer delight. However, these come with training. If they were not properly taught how to behave, they can be very destructive inside the house. They also have long lifespan which seem to be the pleasure (and the displeasure) of their owners.

§ Bichon Frise
§ Cavalier
§ Chihuahua
§ Chinese Crested
§ French Bulldog
§ Lhasa Apso
§ Min Pin
§ Papillon
§ Pekinese
§ Pomeranian
§ Toy Poodles
§ Shih Tzu
§ Yorkie