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The Causes of Coughing in Dogs

There are several reasons that your dog might be coughing. It could be caused from things such as heartworms, distemper or fungal infections. Allergens in the air are also a possible cause. Additionally, your dog may have kennel cough, a very contagious cough.

To treat this, your dog will need the right medication, lots of rest, and to be isolated from other animals for a period.

The cough is a dry, high pitched sound, but that may be the only symptoms your dog has.

A serious condition that causes coughing is Distemper. It is more likely to affect young dogs and means that it important to give your dog all the right vaccinations when he is young otherwise there is a possibility he could die from this condition.

Heartworms and other parasites can cause the dog to cough if they get into the animal’s system. You will notice your dog has shortness of breath as well as coughing as its symptoms if it is being affected by heartworms, and the parasite can bring on congestive heart failure in the dog.

Coughing can also be brought on as a sign of tuberculosis. This is quite a rare condition for a dog. However if your dog has got this condition, its cough will sound wet. You may also notice your dog spitting up blood. Difficulty breathing is another sign. Also remember that this disease can commute between humans and dogs. You'll witness similar symptoms to these if your dog has been in the proximity of bird droppings. It is often the case in small dogs that the trachea collapse, making the dog cough constantly.

You can find medical procedures that will ascertain the fundamental cause and take measures to stop the problem. If your dog is making loud noises while he coughs, it means that the problem is something to do with the airway.

Dry coughs where your dog doesn’t cough anything up are usually signs of heart or lung conditions.

Spotting pneumonia in your dog is a little more difficult. Its signs are a soft cough and mucus. However, the dog will often swallow the mucus without you realizing he has any. Dogs with the condition usually have a fever too. Their appetite will probably decrease and their breathing will become difficult. They may also have nasal drainage, and lethargy.

If you find your dog coughing up blood, it could have a pulmonary vascular disease which can be caused from other diseases such as pancreatic, heartworms or hyperadrenocorticism.

Coughing in older dogs can often be from chronic bronchitis. If the dog has been coughing frequently for several months with no known cause, this is often the reason. What happens is the small airways of the dog start to get clogged up from with mucus which causes that coarse, dry sounding cough that in fact makes the dog bring fluid up causing him to get gagging.

Lots of reasons exist as to why your dog might be coughing, but with the right understanding of what might have brought on the problem, you can get the best medication or treatment as quickly as possible.

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