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Help Your Dog Deal With Split Pads

Dogs are prone to foot injury as they spend most of their time on their feet.

Split pads is one of the most usual foot injuries in dogs and it can be very painful. But there are now ways you could do to help your dogs ease the pain and the discomfort. Split pads usually occur as a result of an injury during walking. It can happen indoors or outdoors. A dog is still prone to split pad even when walking through salt sprinkled snow during the wintertime.

When your dog gets split pads, he will possibly have a cut on his paw which can be deep or shallow and this is usually unnoticeable since it is located at the bottom part of the dog's foot. Try to pay attention and take a closer look once you see your dog limping or just even licking its foot for a long time and determine if he might be suffering from a painful split pad.

When you discover it really is a split pad, it is important that you clean it using lukewarm soapy water. Be very careful and gentle in doing this so as not to scare your dog or make it frightened about his foot being touched.

Once you have washed its foot clean, use a clean cloth to pat the dog's paw dry. If the dog does not want you to pat its paw dry, try using warm air in drying it. When the area of the wound has been dried, gently put on a bandage to the wound to keep it clean and from getting infected. When the wound has been bandaged, take your dog to a vet to better check on your dog and perform examinations.

If the cut on your dog's foot is deep it might require stitching on the paw. Your dog might even need to take antibiotics to address potential infections and being further infected.

If the cut on your dog's foot is not that severe you can treat it on your own at home. It is vital to keep the wound clean, but you could also use some topical cream to apply onto the wound on the dog's foot as these creams or ointments are a great help in healing the wound.

You can also use a more holistic approach using potato water. This is done by boiling potato skin in some water until. The liquid is then used as helpful in healing the wound. Also, try to spare your dog from some heavy activities while his wound is healing. Excessive pressure on the dog's feet might cause the wound to bleed and make it heal much slower.

Keep your dog from licking its wound. Licking can lead to more infection. If bandaging the wound is not enough, you might want to use a lampshade collar on your dog until the wound has completely healed.

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