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Aromatherapy - Scenting Your Dog’s Way To Better Health

Unusual ways of treating your dog have become more popular in recent years. Instead of relying on drug-based solutions to your dogs minor ailments, owners are looking towards alternative medicine. Different approaches to dog care has opened the eyes of dog owners. Your dogs problems both physical and emotional may have a less invasive treatment. This is not a replacement for your dogs modern medicine but an option to work with medicines or as a preventative measure in your dogs health

It is essential, as a pet owner, that you have a veterinarian. Keep in mind that you have the option of holistic vets as well. There are many diverse types of treatment including acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, magnetic therapy, bach flower treatments and reiki.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a non-invasive or alternative form of treatment that bases its healing on the senses. Concentrated oils are used to “arouse the physical”. The scent from releasing oils flows into the air and then proceeds into your pets nose. The dog inhales the scents and the aroma then enters the mucous layers of the membrane. This stimulates the cilla and sends signal to the brain, and the brain directs a response to the body.

How do You Use Aromatherapy?

Although crushed herbs may be used in this process, they are not. Aromatherapy relies on essential oils, or highly concentrated plant extracts. Specific portions of the plants are distilled and transformed into a fine essence. Traditionally this process would take anywhere from a few days to many years. This method has now been refined.

Essential oils work in two different ways. The oils can either be inhaled or absorbed in the skin through application by dabbing or massaging. When massaging is used, undiluted forms of oil should never be applied directly on the skin as this can be harmful to dogs.

Process Of Application

As previously mentioned, the two processes of aromatherapy include inhalation or direct application.

• Direct application – The aroma therapist first weakens the essential oil, usually ½ and ½, making it a half essential oil and half base oil combination. Usually the base oil is almond oil, however you can use others.


• This formulated oil is applied to your pets skin directly (now that it has been weakened). Application usually involves being “puddle” on the hands and then massaged into the pets coat. There is no harm in applying the solution to the dogs fur directly.

• Diluted essential oils may also be applied directly in to specific body parts without rubbing, ensuring your pet receives the full benefits of the scent. You may want to dab a bit behind your dogs ears. You can also put a little bit on a dog’s handkerchief, collar or other clothing.

• Essential oils in their undiluted state may be burnt. You can add them to a herbal burner and let the scent escape into a room or kennel.

• One option is to dilute the essential oil and spray it into the air using an atomizer or diffuser.

Purpose Or Treatment Usage

Using essential oils claim to induce several effects in both humans and canines. Some of these benefits include detoxifying agents, revitalizers, strengtheners and antiseptics. Other majors uses of these oils include:

• to increase resistance of disease
• to strengthen the immune system
• to control pet odors
• to purify the air
• to repel parasites
• to aide in conditions such as discomfort, stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

Each oil has a specific use, but there are 4 basic essentials oils that are regulars when it comes to treating your pet. These go-to oils include:

• Chamomile – which is a calming agent
• Lavender - commonly used to calm dogs who are anxious or stressed.
• Peppermint - soothes the stomach, boosts energy levels and repels insects.
• Rosemary - revitalizes weary animals

There are many different essential oils, and whether they are applied alone or in combination they help your dog to remain healthy and happy. Be sure to do your research before you conclude that aromatherapy is right for your dog. Talk to a holistic vet or an aromatherapist and never begin a treatment without knowing all the facts.

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