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The Significance of Vaccines & Over-The-Counter Medications

Never give your puppy any anti-parasitic medication unless permitted by your veterinarian. These medications, despite being available over-the-counter, can have adverse reactions just like any drug.

There are many different types of parasites -- hookworms, ascarids, tapeworms, whipworms, coccidia – that are common. Some are persistent, while others die easily; many of the over-the-counter drugs are powerful in order to be called all-purpose anthelmintics. Therefore, you may be medicating your puppy with a very potent worm medicine when it could be handled with something less toxic to your dog.

These medications are poisons, designed to kill organisms living in your puppy's body. They can kill your pet along with the parasites. Proper worming also considers the various life cycle of the specific parasite involved.

In order to assure quick, efficient elimination of parasites without re-worming, anthelmintics must be administered on a schedule that counters their life cycle and kills the adult worm, the larva, and its eggs.

Correct Tests

Since animals may harbor multiple parasites concurrently, determining which ones are present in your pet's system is critical. This is done through a fecal sample (sample of your puppy's bowel movement) by a veterinarian in a laboratory.

By microscopic examination, he can identify the eggs and can prescribe medications, in proper amounts and at proper intervals, to purge these pests.

Intestinal parasites are often responsible for various illnesses: vomiting and diarrhea, severe anemia, malnutrition, central nervous system signs (ataxia, convulsions), and verminous pneumonia. Since patent OTCs do not handle these problems, it is critical to worm only under veterinary supervision.

Do not assume that a parasitic condition will self-correct. If you see worms in and around your dog's feces, take him to the veterinarian so as to avoid severe internal damage, and possibly death.

Information written by Crissi Sheppard of Oh My Dog Supplies, where you can find a incredible selection of costumes for small dogs online. 


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