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A Healthy Dog and His Diet

A good dog owner is interested in the health and life of his dog because he wants his canine companion to be as fit as possible and live to the best of his years. There are a few tips on how to keep your dog healthy and provide him with enough exercises so he may remain fit.

Constant veterinary Care

A dog’s life is shorter than the life of a human being and therefore the owner of a dog should be responsible enough to condition the mind and the body of the dog so he may live healthier and as long as possible. Dogs age really fast and due to this fact they tend to develop mood swings which tend to last if they are not put through obedience training and taken on exercise routines. A dog needs to be checked out and given a clean bill of health before being able to go on these training and exercise routines. If he is healthy he will be able to perform those tasks without any extreme effort.

Nutrition is very important

The main element of a dog being healthy is given by the food he eats. There are many details which contribute to the health of a dog, and food affects a dog’s life in more ways than one. Food affects a dog’s gastrointestinal apparatus, his energy levels, his weight, his skin and coat and will always have a huge impact on a dog’s state of mind. A bad diet will cause problems in all of these areas so you should choose a brand of food which is most suitable for the type of breed you own. The food must have in its composition high quality nutrients.

Another excellent example of high quality food is homemade food. These two types of food may be used together to provide the dog with enough variety in his meals. You can feed your dog a certain type of food for certain periods of time sometimes 4 to 8 weeks and observe how his body reacts to the food. If he will develop a shiny and flake free coat and will possess a nice amount of energy then you should continue feeding him that type of food.

A dog’s weight may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how the dog feels and how fast he has gained the weight. Putting on weight in a small amount of time will lead to health problems so there’s a need to remain vigilant in cases like these. Obesity is a huge problem to men and women and it is also a huge concern to be dealt with when dogs are involved.

The best cure for obesity for your dog is the right type of food which will provide the needed amount of nutrients wide a side of physical exercises to match. He will lose the weight and get into shape as fast as possible and will begin to feel happy again greatly reducing the danger factors to his health. You should be careful what food you decide to feed your dog once he begins to lose weight because he may find a hard time adjusting to changes in his diet. His stomach will be affected more or less depending on what you decide to give him.

Proper Exercise

The best way to keep a dog healthy is to make him exercise each day. Food and exercise go hand in hand and quite often such a relationship is overlooked by dog owners which have become lazy themselves. Dogs that don’t exercise don’t receive enough attention and in time they are set on developing separation anxiety or similar behavior issues. The changes in his behavior are directly proportional to the sudden changes in his energy levels.

When the dog is put on a healthy diet his energy levels are off the charts and when he is given the wrong type of food then he is extremely tired even lethargic. The dog may even become frustrated on certain occasions and will decide to release his anger by peeing on your carpet or chewing your valuables. This is a sure sign that your dog is begging for an intervention.

The average amount of exercise that a dog needs is usually around one or two hours each day. This standard is usually conditioned by the age of the dog as well as his size and the breed from which he comes. You should observe the dog’s attitude and take the necessary measures to better his mental and physical state.

The dog’s mouth and teeth

Your canine may experience some serious pain due to tartar and plaque building up in his cavity. The dog will need some special dental care to prevent him from developing these problems. The oral hygiene is one of the most important health details to consider when owning a dog. You should care for your dog by giving him some dental treats and making him rinse often, while brushing his teeth on a normal basis. The vet is the most qualified person to suggest effective means of taking care of your dog’s mouth and on how to provide him with professional cleaning methods every now and then as required.

A Dog’s grooming

Expensive breeds are not the only dogs that require some decent grooming. The breed usually decides the type of grooming a dog needs but there are other details which need to be taken into account such as allergies or health conditions. The dog will have to be bathed on a monthly basis, his nails will have to be trimmed and his coating will need some serious brushing to avoid him shedding all over your home. This process is usually meant for short hair dogs. Dogs with longer hair will have to be provided for on a daily basis. The dog owner or a professional may be in charge of the canine’s grooming as long as the grooming interval is maintained with responsibility.

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