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Holistic Nutrition & Care – Feeding & Caring For a Dog Based on his State of Being

Through iridology (finding character data by studying the iris), you can get an insider perspective on what your dog is experiencing and what is happening physiologically that causes his behavior.

Once you have a better understanding of your dog’s inner nature, his shortcomings and his personality, you’ll be able to hone in on the problem and provide him with the proper direction to overcome health ailments or personality disorders. It should be easier for you to customize caring and training that supports your dog’s specific needs.

Overly Emotional Dogs

For emotional body dogs, a healthy, well-balanced meal including detoxification, along with extra support for the digestive system, is essential. Achieve this by adding liquid chlorophyll, pure aloe vera juice, and digestive enzymes to the diet.

When training these dogs, special considerations should be taken for their state. Normal dog training may not succeed because of the challenges for them in processing external and internal stimuli due to the high awareness of the energies surrounding him.

Nervous, Sensitive Dogs

For nervous, sensitive dogs, diet should be a priority. Low quality processed foods tax the nervous system since these foods do not contain healthy nutrients for optimum health and wellness. Dogs in general, but particularly nervous, sensitive ones, should have a diet that contains nutrients without additives or preservatives.

Training is crucial for this type. They should be given responsibility to feel secure. Clear rules and discipline are needed or these dogs will take charge. It is important for these canines to learn early that you are dominant and they are submissive. Once you are the pack leader, these dogs respond to positive training.

Immune Reactive Dogs

For immune reactive dogs, a healthy diet is especially important to support and nourish the nervous system. Poor diet runs down the nervous system and fosters unsafe and in dangerous tendencies. This unsafe feeling is a big factor in these dogs’ mental and physical state of being.

Training will be challenging until you minimize the over-stimulation, both internal and external.

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