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Dog Health Food - The Six Basic Nutrients plus One

The first commercial dog food came on the market in the 1860s. It arose out of the ingenuity and observances of a lightening rod salesman, James Spratt. One day, while wandering the docks, he noted the stray dogs snacking away on the discarded biscuits from the ships. He went home pondering this over. Out of this experience, he created Patent Meat Fibrine Cakes for dogs.

Today, there are hundreds and even thousands of different types of dog food on the market. There are many different commercial giants in the field. They sponsor dog-related events. They plaster the names of their product all over television, on the internet and in print. They know there is a large market out there for their product. This is a market increasing and not decreasing as time goes by.

Yet, there is little regulation and regulating of pet food. Furthermore, many people have little or no idea what they need to look for when buying their pet food. They often do not take into consideration such factors as size, age, condition, lifestyle and health. These are significant. They effect how your pet utilizes the amount of nutrients in their diet. A puppy’s metabolism works at a different rate than that of a senior dog. A puppy also requires different concentrations of some of the essential vitamins, minerals and water. Moreover, some senior dogs are too active to be on a senior diet. Some sloth dogs need to cut down on the amount and type of food.

To buy your dog the proper feed, you need to know the nature of your dog. You also have to be aware of what good dog food needs to contain. In essence, it must have the 6 basic nutritional elements plus fiber. Each plays a vital row in making sure your dog is a healthy and happy animal.


Water is an essential part of your dog’s diet. A dog can survive longer without food than water. In fact, a dog’s body is 2/3rds water. While both dry and wet food contains some water, you will also need to make sure there is plenty of water nearby. Water will prevent the dog from dehydration. It will also aid in the process of digestion.


As every schoolchild knows, amino acids are the building blocks of the body. Protein is essential if a puppy is to continue to grow, developing into a mature dog. Puppies an lactating bitches require higher amounts. It comes from plant and animal sources. Animal protein is easier for a dog to digest.


Fats are a very efficient source of energy. They provide your pet with the wherewithal to undertake the everyday affairs of life. Growth, maintenance are two responsibilities of fat. The essential fatty acids are in charge of achieving healthy skin and shiny coat. A dog also requires fat to absorb certain vitamins. Unfortunately, fat also decreases the shelf life of dog food.


Carbohydrates provide your dog with energy. This does not mean it should be the main source of it. Carbohydrates are more important for their role as contributing fiber into the diet. Carbohydrates, in this role, help with the digestive process. Unfortunately, carbohydrates are a cheap source of energy for dog food companies. They may comprise some 50% of the average dog food.

Vitamins and minerals

Dogs do need vitamins to function properly. They also need minerals. Your pet requires a sufficient amount of both. Some vitamins are fat soluble while others are water soluble. Vitamins and minerals are essential. Their uses vary. Vitamin A contributes to vision and the growth of bones and teeth. Minerals help maintain a blance of fluids in the body and aid in bone growth and repair.


The last item on a checklist of dog nutrients is fiber. Both soluble and insoluble fiber are necessary for the digestive process. It helps your dog digest the necessary nutrients. It also aids in the elimination process

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