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Helpful Advice on Dog Pregnancy

If you have a female dog, you might wish to learn about the key signs that tell you the dog is pregnant. Other things you might want to know is what the conditions should be like for the pregnant dog. The following information will help anybody who has a pregnant dog now or might choose to breed in the future.

Just as in humans, in the initial stages of dog pregnancy, you may not notice any significant changes to the dogs appearance. However, if you are close to your dog, you may not need any physical changes to tell you that she might be pregnant. You might notice a change in her behavior. She could start to leave her food or even vomit some of it back up. Eventually, you will notice a gain in size, and her nipples will soon become swollen. She could even start to look for more attention from you. These will be the first good signs that the dog is pregnant and should occur over the initial couple of weeks into the pregnancy.

At this point you probably will be feeling a little nervous as to whether or not your dog is really going to bear puppies to the world. To make sure, simply take the dog to a vet and have them check to make sure of the news.

Pregnancy tests don't work correctly until about 26 days into the occasion. The way the test works is by taking a small sample of blood from the dog in which can be found the hormone called relaxing if the dog is pregnant. About 5 weeks into the pregnancy is needed until the vet can feel the puppies through feeling about the mother's abdomen. At 3 weeks, an ultrasound test can be performed to clarify the pregnancy.

You may be wondering at what point it is possible to learn of the size of the litter your dog is carrying? Vets claim that this question can be answered by the 7th week. And it is a good idea to take your dog for these kind of checks anyway, just to make sure the puppies are growing in the right way and that there aren't going to be any problems later on in the birth process. The usual length of pregnancy for dogs is from 63-65 days in all. Once you know that your dog is pregnant, you will need to change a few things in the dogs routine. Your dog's stomach is going to become smaller in size as her pups become larger so you will need to give her more frequent, yet smaller meals accordingly.

The dietary needs of your dog will also shift. Wanting your dog to be as healthy as possible, you have to keep your attention on this, allowing the dog to receive lots of nutritious things for her puppies. One thing you need to avoid is giving your dog calcium supplements. Doing this will interfere with the natural process of calcium intake. This can be fatal to the dog so be sure to remember this. Getting advice from your vet on such things can be great, but you must always have a measure of common sense too.

As the days turn into weeks, your dog will have grown in both size and weight. In the last weeks up to birth, you'll actually be able to feel through her swelled abdomen her little puppies wriggling about. You might also notice milk dripping from the mother's nipples. Don't be alarmed; this is normal! You may still take her for gentle strolls. If you notice she is tiring, don't hesitate to bring her back to her home. You could perhaps take her about the backyard or keep her near your house during the walks so as not to be too far away from home should she become exhausted.

Close to giving birth, your dog will start to get more restless while she looks for a perfect nesting place. Help her all you can. Provide her with a whelping box to ease her delivery process. Keep a constant eye on the temperature of the dog as this is an indication that the dog is at most a day away when it reaches the 90s.

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