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Dental Care For Your Dog

Just like people, dogs require regular dental care to their teeth, mouth and gums that are healthy and infection free. Regular dental care for your dog, which includes brushing the teeth and gums, is part of an overall grooming routine. Your vet may not require that you brush your dog’s teeth daily, but he/she may require you to do this if your dog has tooth or gum problems.

Dental Products for Dogs

There are several products, such as doggie toothpaste, toothbrushes and sleeves that help you to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Doggie toothbrushes can be handy, but are challenging to use on dogs that are not accustomed to getting their teeth brushed. Finger sleeves are another option to clean your dog’s teeth, which works by placing the sleeve on your index finger and applying the doggie toothpaste. You then use the abrasive side of the sleeve to rub gently across the dog’s teeth and gums

Consider the following when you are planning a dental care routine for your dog.

- Be gentle with your dog and allow it to gradually get used to your brushing its lips, teeth and gums.

- Allow only adults to clean your dog’s teeth, because it may snap at the child. This is especially true if the dog has some form of dental decay or gum infection.

- Never use adult dental products, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste on your dog. In general, dogs do not like the taste of toothpaste designed for humans and may refuse to allow you to brush their teeth again. Additionally, human toothbrushes are designed for people, not dogs; however, a number of vets may suggest that you use a child’s soft-bristled toothbrush on your larger-sized dog.

To remove plaque, you can allow your dog to play with a chew toy, in the same way as if your dog was chewing on raw bones. If you are using these the chew toy or raw bones for plaque removal, ensure that they do not splinter or get caught in your dog’s throat.

Talk to your vet if you notice any inflammation of the gums around the teeth, yellowing, discoloration or plaque build up on the teeth, especially at the gum line, or notice any bleeding from the gums or loose teeth. The vet can also clean your dog’s teeth just like a dentist does, however regular home dental care can often prevent or minimize the need for this procedure. If you perform regular dental care at home for your dog, you can avoid problems, such as inflamed gums, teeth yellowing, plaque buildup, loose teeth and gum bleeding. If these issues arise with your dog, it is wise to schedule an appointment with your dog’s vet, who performs a thorough cleaning similar to the cleaning that a human would receive from the dentist.

Practicing a proper dental care regimen for your dog will ensure that it has a healthy set of teeth for years to come. In addition, practicing a dental care routine for your dog will decrease your visits to the vet for dental related issues.

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