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Puppy Mill is a Bad 4-Letter Word

There is a major problem in the retail world of dogs. The puppy mill. It is a major problem within the dog breeding world. Puppy mills are bad places where animals are abused by being denied happy healthy lives.

What is a Puppy Mill?

Puppy mills or puppy farms are just like a factory. Their main goal is to produce a product in large amounts. But his product happens to be dogs. This is where many pure breeds and designer dogs are produced.

They are bred in order to make profit instead of providing animals with a healthy start to their lives. They are the puppies sold in pet shops around the world. Puppies are always a commodity because everyone wants one.

Puppy mills are known for their poor health conditions and their cramped cages. Many animals are piled in a small space and dirty conditions. They spend their lives in small cages and are living on top of all their waste. There is no playtime or consideration for the dogs well being.

The choice and selection of breeding is not important to mills. If two dogs can reproduce they are kept in the mill. Sick or old dogs are still made to produce offspring even if the end product is less than standard.

Problems With The Puppies Produced In Puppy Mills

There are a number of reasons why you should not consider purchasing a puppy mill dog.

•the parents of the dogs are unknown. You can not meet the parents of your perspective puppy, an important step in selecting the best dog for your needs. They can carry degenerative diseases and bad genes. Since you do not know the lineage you don’t know who your dog is.

• Mills are known not to screen for health problems and many puppies can come home with you sick. The dogs are known to have weaker bodes because of the abuse their previous generations have endured.

The animal may look fit, but he or she may actually be suffering from a variety of health-related problems.

• A puppy mill always favors quantity over quality. They produce solely to meet the need of the publicly frequented pet stores.

• You cannot register with a kennel a puppy mill puppy. They do not have papers.

• Puppies in puppy mills are usually lacking from any human socialization. Contact with humans is usually minimal. Depending upon the age and breed, this can affect their social development process.

There are plenty of reasons why you should avoid a dog suspected to be from a puppy mill. Mainly you should avoid supporting these operations because they are inhumane. You may fall in love with your new pet shop puppy and be responsible for the laundry list of vet bills and health problems. You may want to save your puppy and cure all of its problems no mater what the cost. But that cost can be huge and most often genetic disorders can not be fixed. When you are getting a new puppy be sure you are getting them from healthy happy parents and not supporting the nasty venture of puppy mills.

Article provided by Lenny Perry of Oh My Dog Supplies, search for new deals on car seat covers online.

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