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Foods That Are Harmful to Dogs

Do not be mistaken by thinking that dogs, like humans, can eat any food. Lots of foods can cause your dog to have an upset stomach, whereas others can cause far more serious issues.

Are you someone who puts all your left over food from your plates into your dogs dish? Many people do just this without realizing that some foods are putting their dog’s health at risk.

Here are some steps of advice to follow so that you can be sure of what foods to give your dog and what not to.

Alcohol: You must never give your dog alcoholic beverages however funny you might thing it is seeing the animal intoxicated. This could lead to a coma or death so avoid this at all times.

Bones: Though your dog likely has his own set of bones to chew on, you should never give him bones from meals you’ve eaten such as from poultry and fish. These bones could tear at the dog’s digestive tract or become an obstruction inside the dog.

Caffeine: Another thing to avoid giving your dog is products with caffeine in them. Caffeine can ruin your dog’s nervous system and cause heart problems.

Sushi: Feeding your dog raw fish can make the animal become lacking in thiamine. This is serious because it can your dog to have seizures, and in some cases to even die.

Raisins: Raisins as well as grapes are causes of kidney problems in your dog. They can become toxic for the dog causing it problems later on.

Liver: Another thing that can prove to be toxic for your dog in large quantities. When your dog has too much of the food, a large amount of Vitamin A will get into the animals system. This vitamin is what causes the toxicity which can effect the dog's muscles and bones.

Marijuana: In no cases should you give your dog this plant extract, even in small doses for comedy. It will make the dog vomit, change his heart rate and suppress the nervous system.

Vitamins: There are vitamins that can be given to dogs (obviously). However, you shouldn’t use the same vitamins for your dog that you use yourself. Giving your dog such vitamins can cause trouble in the dog’s liver and kidneys.

Raw eggs: If you give your dog raw eggs you lower absorption of biotin. This may cause problems with your dog’s skin or fur. Salmonella is also found in raw eggs so before giving your dog any eggs make sure you cook them.

As any list on such a matter would be, this is an incomplete summary of things not to feed your dog. You can learn more by visiting your vet for advice and by doing research online or from a trusted book. Keeping these things in mind, always think before you give your dog the scraps from your plate or feed the dog anything unusual.

Article written by Larry Reese - for more dog articles by Larry, have a look at little dog clothes & hunting dogs on

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