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Herbs For A Healthy Dog Part 2

It is becoming more acceptable to turn to alternative treatments to help your dog lead a healthy life. Using herbs is one form of alternative treatment. It can work in conjunction with established medical treatments. It may be used on its own. It can also act as a supplement to other alternative treatments. Whatever its chosen application, you need to be clear to all involved what medications are involved.

Herbs are a form of medicine. As such, they deserve respect. As a result, you need to inform all concerned about the various medications you are giving your dog. This way, you can prevent counterproductive combinations or, worst still, seriously affect the health of your dog.

In this look at herbs, we focus on herbs intended to help with cardiovascular problems. There is also a look at herbs used for respiratory problems.
Herbs For Cardiovascular Problems

I addressing health issues surrounding the cardiovascular system, there is one major use of herbs. This is to strengthen and support all functions concerning this system. Herbs are to help it function normally and increase its efficiency. To address this issue, you can subscribe to giving your dog a mixture of various herbs. You will have to consult with a herbalist in order to obtain the right proportion. It is also possible you can obtain the medication from a natural specialist store.

Frequently, you will find the following drugs used alone or in combination to act as a tonic.

• Hawthorn - This is taken as a daily supplement. Its role is to improve coronary blood flow. It also moderates the dog’s blood pressure while strengthening the animal’s heartbeat.

• Garlic - antibacterial, stimulates the immune system, lowers blood pressure

• Gingko - dilates the blood vessels

• Cayenne - dilates the blood vessels

• Yarrow - antiseptic, dilates blood vessels

• Bugleweed - mild cardiac sedative

• Dandelion leaf - anti-inflammatory

One of the ideal tonics suggested to help your pet’s cardiovascular system is a combination of hawthorn, dandelion leaf, yarrow and ginkgo.

Herbs For Respiratory Problems

The most common respiratory health problems are various forms of bronchitis. Among these is Kennel Cough. To treat Kennel Cough, you employ herbs that focus on both the preventive and treatment aspects. Since Kennel Cough is an extremely communicable disease, you need to ensure other dogs in close proximity do not get it. You also need to increase the affected dog’s resistance while addressing the symptoms. The herbs frequently used are antiviral and antibacterial expectorants. They are intended to help shorten the stay of the disease.
Herbs to employ with Kennel Cough include

• Coltsfoot - an expectorant, ant-inflammatory

• Elecampane - expectorant, sedative, respiratory stimulant

• Mullein leaf - expectorant, antimicrobial, antiviral, cough suppressant

• Yarrow - antimicrobial, aids in the increase of the actions of the pulmonary system

• Marshmallow - soothes inflamed bronchi and trachea members

• Garlic - acts as an immune booster

• Astragalus - boosts the immune system

• Echinacea - boost the immune system

You can also employ a vaporizer in the dog’s kennels or rooms. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil combined with water. The vapor of this preparation should open any closed respiratory passages. This will help your animal to breathe.

Never forget, when you place your trust in herbs but are still relying on another system of treatment, consult all involved parties. Never go ahead and begin a herb regiment without considering the possible effects of mixing and matching different types of medicines. Talk to your veterinarian, homeopath and any other individual currently treating your dog. Only when everyone is aware of the possible effects of specific combinations or individual herbs on your dog, should you go ahead with the administration of herbal remedies.

The next part of this series on herbs and canines will continue a look at respiratory problems. It will provide a list of herbs used to treat pneumonia. It will also consider the use of herbs in both removing toxins from the body and as supplements.

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