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Moving Home With A Dog

Moving is a stressful event. You run around. You check things twice. You pack and you pack and then you pack some more. You have to take care of all sorts of details if you want to ensure the move goes off on time and, hopefully, smoothly. In all the turmoil and hustle-bustle, do not forget the needs of your pets. It is too easy to get caught up in our own concerns, ignoring our beloved dog or dogs. You have to stop and address the concerns of your dog. Kimmie is anxious, stressed out and worried about the move, too.

Admittedly, some dogs suffer from little or no anxiety when the packing boxes come out. These are the veteran animals. These dogs are used to moving from place-to-place for whatever reason. They embrace or ignore the entire maelstrom as it swirls around them. As long as they have food, treats and walkies, they remain unconcerned. Most dogs, however, are not so blasé. They are less adaptable. For them, moving is stressful. It is a time of anxiety and insecurity. They may act out. A peaceful pair of dogs may actually fight.

There are ways to avoid much of the strain and stress brought on by this upheaval. Of primary importance is routine. Dogs are creatures of habit. No matter what is going on, stick to your dog’s normal routine. If Charmel walks at a specific time and eats at a specific time, continue to honor this pattern. It will lessen some of the problems.
Try to get the dog to look at boxes and other objects of packing madness in a positive light. When you start to pack, let the dog sniff and explore the box or crate. When you start to fill it, give him or her a positive item of reinforcement. Toss a toy for Charmel while you pack. Feed Charlie a treat. This will decrease the negative association with boxes, suitcases and crates.

Do not go full tilt all day at the tasks. Stop periodically and pay attention to the dog. Lay aside the packing for a moment or two to toss a toy. Chase your pet around the house. Rub her belly. Indulge in doggy mayhem for a few moments.

If you are moving objects by car over a number of days, take Chump with you. Let him check out the new place. Place the boxes down, walk around the place then take Chump back with you into the car. If you do this several times, moving into the new place will be easier. Chump already knows this is somewhat his. If you leave a toy or two, this will add to the comfort level.

When the actual moving day arrives, make sure Clarence is safe and secure. You have a number of options. You can leave Chump at Doggie Day Care. This way he can enjoy the time and you will not have to worry about a lost or confused dog. It also makes it easier for the movers, professional or friends, to move articles. There is no dog to trip over or chances of escape.
You can also leave your dog at a puppy sitter’s or a friend’s. A room in your old house is also a possibility. Give a treat and toy for amusement. Make sure nobody goes in and accidently releases Chico. This also will allow everyone to move freely. Do not lock Chico in a room at the new home. This may increase a sense of anxiety.

Your puppy’s crate is also a safe haven during moving days. It provides security and comfort. You can place it in a room away from the action. You can also place it where he or she can see what everyone is doing. It depends upon the needs and nature of your dog. Another option is your car.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure everyone knows where your pet is at all times. Make sure the dog is safe and feels secure. When you finally move into the new home, do not leave him or her alone immediately. Plan to spend the rest of the day and the next with your pet. This will decrease anxiety. It will also increase the sense of the new place being home.

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