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Dog behavior: Training Puppy Dogs

You got him as a pup and were so excited to bring him home. Watching this puppy's antics brought hours of laughter and a beaming smile to your face. Then you began to find your slippers chewed, the trash riffled though, and little smelly messes when you woke in the morning.

That's when you realize a dog is work. And choices must be made.
1) Some give the pup back
2) Some get frustrated by this bad dog and is banished outside
3) Some give patience and firm, clear consistent teaching
After all, this pup would do anything to please you. His boundless energy fairly screams it.

Successful training begins the day the pup is brought into the house. Consistent, clear messages that are the same with each person within the household begins to set the stage and form the pup's habits. Lavish praise on the dog when they do something good. Give the praise immediately. They would not know later why they are being honored. Clear, firm, yet calm admonishment will typically convey your displeasure and message. But keep it positive as often as possible. He will thrive when he knows he is pleasing to you.

Commands should be taught regularly and consistently. When a specific action is required, use the same words each and every time. Make certain everyone within the family understands and follows the rules for consistency. Simple and clear action commands elicit the best responses once learned.

Success is a step by step process. Short, measured steps yield great results. Try training in 10-15 minute sessions 2-3 times daily. Dogs tend to have short attention spans, and short sessions have positive results without causing boredom. Basic commands such as sit, lie down, and stay may be easiest to teach. One of the most foundational commands every dog should know and immediately obey is to come when called. These mastered, you can move on to teaching the fun stuff, tricks and advanced commands.

Some dogs may be more self-willed or defiant than others. And some may even be aggressive during training. Stop these behaviors in their tracks. Literally. Interrupt their behavior and re-focus them on something unrelated and positive. Stay calm and positive. Recall to the dog commands already mastered. Brining to their mind something they know, and with accompanying treats, will distract and re-focus them. Dogs loved to do things they are good at, especially when they get such positive feedback.

Tools needed to train a dog include collar and leash. Leash training firmly establishes you in the leadership role if you are firm and clear. Keep small, healthy treats available as your dog will learn most from instant positive reinforcement. Most trainers are in agreement that negative and harsh criticism and punishment serve little purpose except to frustrate a dog and possibly bring out the aggressive nature within a dog. Treats and enthusiasm will motivate a dog and negatives will confuse and frustrate. So remain calm, confident, and clear. And stop training sessions before the dog becomes tired or bored.

Basic obedience mastery will do much for the peace of your home. You will be king of your domicile (or queen), and your dog will be a faithful and contented participant, secure and happy due to your patient consistency.

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