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Pictures of the Dogs: How to Display Them?

If you are a dog lover you are also probably fond of taking your dog pictures. And most likely, you have a collection of these pictures stored and stashed away in a dozen photo albums. But after gathering those pictures and inserting those in the albums, where are they now? Locked in your drawer? Probably shoved inside your favorite shoebox? And most likely also, they have collected dust.

Now, this is not a good idea knowing you got all those lovely and funny dog pictures. You don’t have to hide them away and let those be forgotten. If you haven’t thought about this, why not display them? They can be great as display items inside the house, whether in the living room or in your bedroom. Or you can also hang some of the framed pictures of your dogs in the kitchen for your kids to gaze up with.

There are so many ways for these dog pictures to become decorative pieces in your house. Your kids will love this idea. It will instantly liven up the atmosphere inside the house. Aside from this, it will also show that your household cares a lot about animals, specifically canine beings.

You can start getting those lovely pictures of your dogs displayed and be decorative purposes with the following ideas:

1. Frame the pictures and hang them on some walls around the house. If you are not particularly keen on showing too much dog pictures around the house, you can put those in your kids’ rooms but not big enough so that this won’t take their attention most of the time.
2. You can make a collage of your favorite dog pictures and put then under the glass top of your coffee table. Arrange them neatly and nicely for a nice and unique effect. You can put some decorative pieces around the collage for a more elaborate look.
3. You can also use the pictures to be displayed in CD cases. These can be bought in any local stores. Remove the plastic or paper insert from the case. Cut a dog picture according to the size of the case. You can use a cardboard and attach it to the picture then put inside the CD case. The CD cases can be used as display in the wall by using a Velcro.
4.  You can also use photo frames and display them just the way you display those photo frames of your family members. Put them beside the pictures of your loved ones. This will manifest your family’s love and affection to your dogs. 
5. Create a photo frame with the size that would be enough to display in your doghouse. This way, the doghouse will have a certain personalized touch. You can hang one in the top front most part of the doghouse.

These are some of the ideas that you can make. Not only will they add unique environment to your house, the dog pictures will also not be forgotten. Dog pictures should not only be considered as photos that serve as remembrance of your pet’s activities. There are many things that you can do with these and displaying them is only one of them. You can capture as many pictures of your dogs as you can and replace those displays as often as you want.